Francesco Gasparini: Baroque Composer

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On this day, a few hundred years, Francesco Gasparini was born. 

Taken from Wikipedia:

"Francesco Gasparini (19 March 1661 – 22 March 1727)[1][2][3][4] was an Italian Baroque composer and teacher whose works were performed throughout Italy, and also on occasion in Germany and England."

"...Gasparini's 1705 Missa Canonica for four voices and basso continuo was known to Johann Sebastian Bach, who, in 1740, copied it out and—after adding parts for strings, oboes, cornett, trombone, and organ—performed its Kyrie and Gloria in both the St. Thomas Church, Leipzig and St. Nicholas Church, Leipzig.[5] The Bach-Archiv Leipzig, whose Deputy Director Dr. Peter Wollny discovered the autograph Bach parts in 2012 in Weissenfels, stated that it was an important model for Bach in his exploration of the stile antico and of the canon in his last decade.[5]"

We would like to thank Wikipedia for this article. For the rest of the article read in Wikipedia's website here.

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